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    Essential Warranty


    Customer Protect Essential Warranty administered by AutoProtect

    If your vehicle goes wrong it’s inconvenient, aggravating and potentially costly.
    The Customer Protect Essential Warranty helps to ease the stress and minimise the strain on your wallet.

    By taking advantage of the Customer Protect Essential Warranty, you cover the shortfall.

    12k Miles
    Extended service intervals – 12 months or 12,000 miles
    £50 contribution to vehicle recovery
    Air Con
    In the event of a valid claim, maximum contribution to system re-gas is £60.00 inc VAT.
    Anti-lock brakes
    *Additional fee required.
    Failure due to wear and tear on turbo for vehicles up to 10 years or 100,000 miles at time of claim.
    Multimedia Systems
    Cat Converter_2
    Catalytic converters
    Diesle Filter_2
    Diesel particulate filters


    Engine (mechanical components)

    • Rocker assembly including hydraulic followers
    • Inlet and exhaust valves
    • Inlet and exhaust valve springs and guides
    • Buckets, shims, collets, cam journals and cam bearings
    • Cylinder head
    • Cylinder head gasket
    • Camshaft and followers
    • Timing gears and chains
    • Oil pump
    • Pistons and rings
    • Cylinder bores, con rods, gudgeon pins and bearings
    • Crankshaft and bearings
    • Inlet manifold
    • Flywheel and ring gear
    • Crank main bearings, crank big end bearings and con rod small end bearings, main journal caps and big end caps (excluding crank balance shaft and drive unit).
    • Timing belts (Are included as long as they have been replaced in line with
      manufacturer’s schedules.)
    • Turbo charger unit

    Engine Management

    • Engine Electronic Control Unit

    Engine Cooling System

    • Water pump
    • Thermostat and thermostat housing
    • Engine cooling fan
    • Radiator
    • Engine oil cooler and heater matrix only


    • Universal joints, couplings and propshaft bearing

    Front Wheel Drive

    • Drive shafts including constant velocity joints
    • Universal joints and couplings
    • Outer constant velocity joint housing, inner race, cage and bearings
    • Outer drive shaft housing
    • Driven axle wheel bearing inner race, cage and bearings

    Working Materials

    • Oils, oil filter
    • Antifreeze

    Manual Gearbox

    • All internal mechanical components
    • Internal gears
    • Syncromesh and syncromesh hubs
    • Gear lever
    • Speedo drive
    • Selector forks and selector shafts
    • Bearings, input, output and lay shafts and bushes

    Automatic Gearbox

    • All internal mechanical components
    • Internal gears
    • Gear lever
    • Sun and planet gears and carriers
    • Brake bands
    • Clutch steel discs and clutch drums (excluding friction linings)
    • Valve block, pressure valves and internal main shafts and pressure seals

    Steering (incl power assisted)

    • Steering rack and pinion
    • Steering box and pump
    • Gear lever
    • Steering lock

    Torque Converter

    • All internal mechanical components
    • Pump
    • Turbine
    • Stator and lock-up clutch
    • Bearings and internal bushes


    • All internal mechanical components
    • Crown wheel and pinion
    • Planet gears and pins
    • Main input bearing and input seal
    • Output bearings (excluding output seals)


    • All internal mechanical components
    • Master cylinder
    • Slave cylinder
    • Release bearing
    • Pressure plate
    • Centre disc and oil contamination for centre plate only

    Fuel Injection System

    • Mechanical or electrical fuel pumps
    • Tank sender unit
    • Throttle body
    • Airflow meter
    • Idle control valve
    • Throttle potentiometer
    • Pressure regulator
    • Map sensor
    • Pedal and throttle body potentiometer
    • Pressure sensor including fuel rail when not available separately

    Air Conditioning

    • Compressor unit

    Electrical System

    • Starter motor and alternator
    • Electric window motors and switches
    • Sunroof motor and switch
    • Central locking motors
    • Front and rear windscreen wiper and washer motors
    • Heater fan motor
    • Heater motor resistor
    • Multifunction stalk switch and horn
    • Immobiliser / alarm
    • Clock
    • Switches: headlight, door, interior light, front and rear fog light, heated rear window, heated front window

    Wheel Bearings

    • Front and rear wheel bearings

    Front and Rear Suspension

    • Coil springs
    • Upper and lower wishbones and ball and swivel joints
    • Suspension arms
    • Tie rod ends
    • Anti-roll bar links
    • Track rod ends


    • Master Cylinder
    • Wheel Cylinders
    • Caliper
    • Servo
    • Restrictor valve
    • ABS modulator and wheel speed sensors


    • If any of the included parts fail and this damages the casings they will be included only as part of an agreed claim.

    Are you eligible?

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    Customer Protect COMPREHENSIVE Warranty

    This Warranty covers against the inconvenience, stress and cost when any Mechanical or Electrical part within your vehicle breaks down.


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